Sunday, October 22, 2017

Students Shaping a Better Narrative

This past week, three Union Elementary School students found a $100 bill on their way to school.  Without being prompted by an adult, they chose to turn in the money to Anne Fraser, a staff member they knew.

To celebrate and honor these fine young people, the Montpelier Police Chief Anthony Facos and our School Resource Officer Corporal Matt Knisley came to a school-wide celebration this week.  

Not only did each student receive a certificate from the Police Department honoring their integrity, they also received the $100 bill back.  During the explanation, Chief Facos explained that normally the police will hold on to lost and found items but because the department was so impressed by the character these young people showed, the department chipped in to cover the $100.  

Another young person from Union Elementary School was highlighted this week, for her generosity.  Maggie McGibney a kindergarten student, donated her birthday gifts to The Good Samaritan Haven in Barre.  Her story was in the Times Argus this week, click here to read it.  

Given what is in the news regularly, it would be easy to understand if we failed to see stories like these.  In and of itself, that is reason enough to share and highlight what wonderful things are happening in our world.  

It is a gift - truly a gift - to be in education these days.  Young people by their nature are curious, kind, and have a bright outlook on the future.  You need look no further than our schools to see just that.  I feel very fortunate that when I get frustrated by the polarization that I see in the world and on the news, I need look no further than where I serve to be more inspired and more hopeful.  

It is easy and understandable to find current events in 2017 overwhelming and at times downright sad.  I assure you that there are plenty of wonderful stories, happening right inside our very own public schools.  

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